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Out On March 16, 2019

"Passion for Music"


Delicate as Love

The Album 'Delicate as Love' comprises of 8 songs which focus on love, gratitude, strength to carry on and motivation to pull through any situation that life throws at you. The compositions of each song have the usage of riffs and runs that is quite common to Indian music but unusual to the western audience. It brings a new edge of change into the world of country and pop. The arrangement of music has also been executed in a way to allow the listener to focus on all the melodious tunes and enjoy the use of varied instruments. Here's a glimpse into the thought process for the making and nurturing of each song.

Music Arranged and Tune Composed:

Praveen Ravela (Auckland, New Zealand)


Lyrics: Chris Porter (London, UK)
Singers: Anthony Kayrooz          (Melbourne, Australia) and
Sharanya Gopinath (Chennai, India)

Producer: Praveen Ravela

Video Credits: Joy Ravela and   

Christy Yallamati

Music Credits:
Guitars: Keba Jeremiah
Violin: Balaji Teke Piano
Synthesizers & Drum Programming:

Praveen Ravela
Recording Engineers: Marlon

(Upward Studio Melbourne) and
Ivis (Contrabass Studio Chennai)
Voice Technician: Syam

(Contrabass Studio Chennai)
Mixed and Mastered: Ivis

(Contrabass Studio Chennai)